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n the past, Hatha Yoga consisted of private sessions between the (teacher) and the Student. The teacher would, through observation and experience, know what practices the Student would need to be developing, on a physical, mental and spiritual plane.

One to One Yoga sessions thus will help you gain a more thorough understanding of yoga as an exercise form and allow us to personalise your yoga exercise plan to address specific needs, something which is not possible in group classes.
To allow us to put together this personalised exercise plan for you, it is advisable before your first session to inform us of your aims and expectations; of any medical conditions and consult your doctor prior to undertaking a personal yoga program
One to one yoga sessions can take place in a hire studio at an extra charge or the comfort of your own home.


Private sessions could be perfect for those of you who:

  • have a busy schedule and find it difficult to get to a scheduled group class
  • if you are a beginner to familiarise yourself with the practice and gain some basic yoga skills.
  • are nervous about jumping in at the deep end and would prefer a gentle more personal introduction to yoga.
  • want to work more intensely on your practice with 1:1 attention to detail.
  • are pregnant or have young children at home.
  • have larger bodies or frailer bodies.
  • are in recovery from illness.
  • experience depression, M.E, M.S. body image issues, a disability, PTSD, in recovery from addiction, burnout, cancer recovery, or something else that requires closer attention to detail than the group class can offer.
  • who are self-conscious about practicing in front of other people.

Prices: 1 hr sessions for up to 2 people

1 X class

5 X classes
£250 - £50 per session

£250 - £50 per session
10 X classes
£400 - £40 per session

£400 - £40 per session

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