Fatoumata was first introduced to holistic health practices and Pilates to aid a chronic back pain condition and quit a long-time smoking habit. She soon grew into the discipline and began to learn more about holistic health practices. She sought out holistic health practitioners and studied the philosophies. She explored many types of massages as well as yoga and meditation.

With a first class university degree in Business Studies, and albeit a winding journey through a variety of corporate office jobs, her life path has brought her to this point in time. Noticing the health benefits and ‘calmer’ state of mind from her practice, she gave up the corporate world and career changed to fully focus on her passion in assisting others to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health.

She re-trained and is a fully qualified practitioner in complementary health therapies such as Body massage, Aromatherapy, Chinese cupping, Reflexology and Thai Yoga massage. She has a keen interest in Traditional African medicine, Eastern philosophies and the use of essential oils as remedies.

Fatoumata regularly attends seminars, workshops and conferences to learn more about different cultures and their use of plants and herbs as natural remedies. She makes her own natural skincare and natural health remedies from her home and is a staunch supporter of the ‘holistic’ way of life.

She recently launched Itofan Natural Health & Remedies online store to provide high quality natural products, join the conservation of the natural habitat of the raw ingredients she uses by supporting ecological agriculture and promote grassroot health care.

Every year, Fatoumata retreats in ‘solitude’ away from daily life, to immerse in her personal yoga practice and Meditation. During these times, she also explores her novel writing skills touching on seeking the ‘simple’ truths of the experience we call ‘life’.

“I continue to learn and experience yoga and holistic treatments because it promotes in me balance and self-discipline. It positively helps me set my intentions, focus my efforts and provides me with tangible ways to measure the results.”

“I am thankful for the experiences over the years which brought me to the critical point of taking care of not only my physical health, but my mental and spiritual health too. I am eternally grateful for the mentors, guides and teachers who have contributed to my growth as a soul on earth."

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